Skin Spin FAQ

My skin is dry after rolling. Is this normal and why does this happen?

The Skin Spin is an excellent exfoliation tool that effectively removes the dead drab layer of skin. This occurs a couple days after rolling so your skin can feel dry. After the dead layer has come off you will have a fresh new healthy layer of skin revealed. You will not see this layer peel off you will only feel it as dryness.

How do I combat the dryness I sometimes experience after rolling?

The best way to combat this dryness is to be using a nourishing and restorative Oil like our Replenish. Replenish will hydrate and nourish the skin. We recommend using Replenish on a daily basis. Just apply it after your serums and before your moisturizer and your skin will look radiant.

How often should I roll with the Skin Spin?

You only roll 1 to 3 x a week.

What should I apply after rolling with the Skin Spin?

You should apply a nutrient and antioxidant rich serum such as our Lift. Then apply a nourishing oil such as Replenish.

I have sunspots. Can the Skin Spin help to lighten these spots?

Yes, after rolling with the Skin Spin apply a vitamin C serum or powder directly on the sunspots and pigmented area and gently massage into the skin. You can also take your roller every second day and roll over the pigmented spots and then apply vitamin C and massage. DO not roll the entire face more than once a week just the sunspots.

When is the best time to roll?

Roll in the evening because the skin will appear red similar to a sunburn.

How soon can I apply makeup after rolling with the Skin Spin?

You can apply makeup the following morning after rolling. We highly recommend using a high quality mineral makeup.

Can I use the Skin Spin on my body?

Our body roller is great to use prior to applying cellulite and stretch mark serums. You can also use it to exfoliate dry areas of the body. If you are using the roller to exfoliate dry area be sure to apply Replenish after rolling.

How long until I notice results?

Most clients notice the appearance of their skin improve after only one month and sometimes sooner.

What length are the needles on the Skin Spin?

.25mm and .50mm

Can I share my Skin Spin?

No, It is important that you do not share your roller.

How do I clean my Skin Spin?

There are two ways to clean the roller. You can soak it in 70% Isopropyl alcohol for 15 minutes and then run it under hot water and layer in case with lid off to dry. The other option is to dissolve a denture tablet into a glass of water and have the roller soak in the glass for 20 minutes and then run under hot water and have dry in the case with the lid off. Be sure to also clean your roller before you first use it.

Can I use Replenish Oil on a daily basis?

Yes, Replenish is an incredible skin oil that provides your skin with much needed antioxidants, nutrients and serious hydration.

It has become a must have product among clients. Apply prior to your moisturizer.

What type of pressure should I use when rolling with The Skin Spin?

Use gentle yet firm pressure.

What products should I avoid applying after rolling with the Skin Spin?

Do not use AHA or BHA’s after rolling with The Skin Spin. Applying Vitamin A and Vitamin C can be very stimulating and cause increased redness so we advise waiting 24 hours before applying stimulating ingredients. It is best to apply a a serum such as our Lift.
The our Replenish Oil and then a healing and soothing moisturizer such as our Restore Creme.

Do rollers with more needles work better?

NO, 192 needles is the optimal number of needles for maximum results. When a roller contains over 250 needles it is not effective because there needles are too close together to effectively penetrate the skin.
There are also rollers on the market that use discs as opposed to needles and they are not effective. Be sure the roller you choose to use has 192 needles, with a needles diameter of 0.2mm and avoid hand glued rollers.

When do I need to replace my Skin Spin?

The Skin Spin will last 4-12 months depending on frequency of use, number of body parts rolled, the size of those body parts, how many strokes are used, and how roller is sanitized and cared. For best results The Skin Spin Roller should be replaced after 35-40 applications (uses) .

Can I roll directly under my eye?

Yes, The Skin Spin is the one tool on the market that is safe to use directly under the lower eyelid. Just roll slowly in this area.

What body part should I avoid using the Skin Spin on?

You can roll everywhere except eyelids, lips, genitalia, and nipples.

In what order should I use Skin Spin products?

  1. Cleanse your skin with our Purify Vitamin C Cleanser
  2. Roll with the Skin Spin Roller
  3. Apply our Lift Serum
  4. Apply our Replenish Oil
  5. Apply our Restore Healing Creme.