About Us

How the SKIN SPIN was born

The desire to create the perfect dermal roller at an affordable price was the catalyst for the creation of the SKIN SPIN. There were a number of dermal rollers available on the market, their prices ranging from $20 – $200 – but the drastic differences in quality were obvious and were not necessarily reflective of the price customers were paying. Consumers were left confused about the difference, and had no staple roller that they could trust. Additionally, many companies selling these generic rollers offered little support or advice on how to use the product.

The SKIN SPIN was created to provide a high quality, trustworthy roller that was supported with proper documentation and online support. We tested various rollers from around the world, and worked hard to create the highest possible quality roller with all the most desirable characteristics. The SKIN SPIN is truly a revolution in homecare dermal rolling, and is a name consumers can trust.

With the SKIN SPIN Roller System, we are endeavouring to bring effective spa and clinical-like treatments into the home; giving women the power to achieve real positive change in their skin, treat and slow down the signs of aging, boost the effectiveness of their topical products, and achieve beautiful, glowing, youthful skin.