Q & A with rolling specialist Dr Lance Setterfield

Posted: Feb 09 2016

Q: Are treatments with an electric pen faster compared to a roller?

A: Yes and no.  This is yet another question driven by pen companies attempting to create a superior distinctive difference.  The “logic” behind this claim is based on the math that more holes can be created with a motorized device in one minute than with a roller, given the revolutions per second of the motor.  I remain sceptical that it is possible for a needle to penetrate and withdraw e.g. 100 times per second from the skin.  This claim aside, in reality it is six of one and half dozen of the other.  Rollers treat an area 2 cm wide and most have 200 needles.  Pen needle cartridges are ½ cm across on average with 11-12 needles.  Rollers tend to be “faster” when treating large, flat, open areas and pens are superior for treating confined spaces that require more precision.  They both have their merits depending on what area and condition is being treated.